1978: Estes Park, Colorado

  • Date: July 11–17, 1978
  • 2,400 Participants
  • Theme: “Jesus is Lord”
  • Speakers: Reuben Welch, Holland Lewis, V.H. Lewis, Melvin McCullough
  • Throughout the event the Sermon on the Mount was featured and a special emphasis was placed on rediscovering the power of journaling.
  • Five resource books were distributed: Witness, Worship, Fellowship, Devotion, and Discipleship.
  • “World Youth Conference launched a new ministry that will be carried out in the days ahead. Discipling will not be a fad, but has become a new program for stable Christian living. This World Youth Congress can be the turning point of a great happening for our age level.” – Gary Henecke

1974: Fiesch, Switzerland

  • June 18–23, 1974 and June 25–30, 1974
  • 2,356 Participants
  • Theme: “Jesus is Lord”
  • Speakers: Edward Lawlor, Talmadge Johnson, Melvin McCullough, Dessin Schmelzenbach, Frank Morley, Friedrich-Karl Otto
  • Theme Song: “He is Lord”
  • “This is an unfinished event. It is difficult to overstate the far-reaching impact of the equipping ministry in such youth gatherings as Nazarene Youth Congress.” – Melvin McCullough
  • “The event made youth leaders and Nazarene kids both more aware that our church is a vital part of this great global village.” – 1975 Board of General Superintendents’ Report
  • “I just returned from one of the greatest experiences of my life. I am very grateful for the opportunity the Church of the Nazarene provided. It was a spiritual high point in my life.” – student participant

1966: Estes Park, Colorado

  • Date: July 12–18, 1966
  • 1,500 Participants
  • Theme: “Tell the World”
  • Speakers: George Coulter, Edward Lawlor, Harmon Schmelzenbach III, John Hancock
  • The event saw 200 students indicate a call to missionary service with another 200 expressing a call to another form of Christian ministry.
  • The 1966 International Institute ended with a special witnessing project coordinated by the Colorado District NYPS.
  • “The whole course of my life has been changed since International Institute. It was there through the sermons by our missionary that I felt more strongly than ever that God was calling me to the mission field.” – student participant
  • “International Institute brought me nearer to Christ and made me love Him more than I did before. Now just the memory of it is helping me to serve Him as He wants me to.” – student participant
  • “There will be no end to the benefits in and through the lives of these open-hearted teenagers.” – Paul Skiles