2019: Phoenix, Arizona

  • July 10–14, 2019
  • Theme: “Love God, Love Others”
  • “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.” – Mark 12:30-31

2015: Louisville, Kentucky

  • July 8–12, 2015
  • 7,030 Participants
  • Theme: “Thy Kingdom Come”
  • Speakers: David Busic, Rick Rigsby, Gabriel Salguero, Amena Brown, The Skit Guys, Mark Buchanan, Eric Samuel Timm
  • Over 3,800 students responded to Dr. Busic’s message on God’s “Call,” with 529 identifying a call to pastoral ministry and 332 to missions.
  • Baby and child-care supplies were collected in local churches and organized into bundles on-site to be distributed to low income and homeless families in the greater Louisville area.
  • “NYC 2015 won’t be just another event marked down on the calendar and forgotten about over time. It will forever be a part of me.” – student participant
  • “NYC isn’t just about the 6,000 or so students for a week in one city. There has to be a larger connection, a larger experience. We tried to connect the entire church, for the whole church to see this as not just an event but a movement of the church that everybody could engage in.” – Justin Pickard

2011: Louisville, Kentucky

  • July 5–11, 2011
  • Attendance: 6,000 Participants
  • Theme: “A World Unbroken”
  • Speakers: David Graves, Chris Folmsbee, Reggie Dabbs, Francis Chan, Brooklyn Lindsey, Stuart Williams, Mark Matlock
  • NYC 2011 featured over 250 Ministry with Others projects (MWOs) throughout the community of Louisville. In addition, participants prepared 289,000 disaster relief meals for Nazarene Compassionate Ministries.
  • “No amount of stories or memories could prepare me for the impact NYC would have on my life. I did not expect to leave a completely changed young woman.” – student participant
  • “Before NYC, I had the expectation that I would meet some new friends, gain some friends on Facebook, and maybe–just maybe–God would show up. The very first day I was there, God showed me that those expectations were entirely upside down.” – student participant

2007: St. Louis, Missouri

  • July 10–15, 2007
  • 8,800 Participants
  • Theme: “Water, Fire, Wind”
  • Speakers: J. K. Warrick, Francis Chan, Fred Lynch, Mike Kipp, Princess Zulu, Reggie Dabbs
  • Over the course of three days students built two houses from the foundation up, renovated twenty-eight schools, and remodeled one community center.
  • NYC 2007 also featured a “Feeding of the 5,000” project, which provided enough food for 41,000 individuals to eat for a week.
  • “How can God be contained in just one week of NYC? He can’t! Our district, I believe, will never be the same.” – student participant
  • “Soon the whole stadium was singing I Surrender All with me. And you know what? I meant it. I did surrender all, and later I felt God’s call to missions in Africa.” – student participant

2003: Houston, Texas

  • July 22–27, 2003
  • 8,200 Participants
  • Theme: “Discipleship: The Journey”
  • Speakers: Talmadge Johnson, Deirdre Brower Latz, Dee Kelley, Marvin Daniels, Darrell Scott, Susie Shellenberger, Michael Lodahl, Gary Hartke
  • 13,044 EvangeCubes were purchased for distribution to attendees and those in world regions of the Church of the Nazarene.
  • “Throughout the event, the focus was on five main components of discipleship: Covenant, Community, Compassion, Contemplation, and Communication. No wonder the event lent itself to an encounter of God’s presence as well as His holiness.” – 2004 Board of General Superintendents’ Report
  • “We cast a vision of a different youth event–an event where planners, participants, and sponsors were all caught up in one story, the story of God.” – NYC 2003 Team

1999: Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  • July 20–25, 1999
  • 9,500 Participants
  • Theme: “Are You Ready?”
  • Speakers: Jerry Porter, Ed Robinson, Rick Rigsby, Chap Clark, Gustavo Crocker, Lori Salierno, Fred Fullerton
  • 30,000 work hours were contributed by participants to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of the Toronto community.
  • “It was readily apparent that our kids were operating under the mentality that ministry to others (MTO) wasn’t just a one-week thing during the summer of 1999 but a lifestyle that naturally reflected the love of Christ to others.” – Bruce Oldham
  • Over 3,000 students indicated openness to the call of God upon their lives.
  • “Even now, as NYC 1999 has come to a close and all I have left are a video, a poster, and a couple of addresses and emails, I leave a changed person. I leave a blessed and richer person.” – student participant

1995: Phoenix, Arizona

  • July 25–31, 1995
  • 6,600 Participants
  • Theme: “Once in a Lifetime!”
  • Speakers: Jim Diehl, Gary Sivewright, Tony Campolo, Laurie Polich, Bruce Wall, Bob DeMoss, Lori Salierno
  • NYC 1995 was the hottest NYC ever with temperatures reaching 121 degrees.
  • Service projects impacted Phoenix residents and focused attention on the Church of the Nazarene in the Valley of the Sun.
  • “I thank God for the ‘Nazarene village’ that has said loud and clear to youth, ‘We believe in you and love you and release you to be the people God dreamed you would be when He died for you.” – Fred Fullerton
  • “I renewed my commitment to God. I feel surer than ever that I can go out there and, even if I’m by myself, I am not by myself, because I know there are others like me out there serving God.” – student participant

1991: Orlando, Florida

  • July 23–28, 1991
  • 5,200 Participants
  • Theme: “The Time of Your Life”
  • Speakers: Gary Henecke, William Prince, Becky Tirabassi, Norm Shoemaker, Duffy Robbins, Josh McDowell, Guy Doud, Gary Sivewright
  • The city of Orlando was deeply impacted by service projects and the raising of $2,000 for area drug prevention programs for youth.
  • Over $80,000 was raised for “Thrust to the Cities” (Seoul, Korea) and $5,000 was raised for “Thrust to the Cities” (Berlin-Calcutta).
  • A variety of workshops were conducted to assist young people, as well as their sponsors, to be more mature and productive workers in the kingdom of God.
  • “NYC has made me realize how I can make a difference by myself in my community.” – student participant